Sunday, 1 January 2017

Yorkshire Puddings

After trying numerous vegan Yorkshire pudding recipes I finally came across this one which is perfect.
I've no idea where it originally came from as I got it off someone who got it off someone and etc etc.
If someone knows then please tell me so I can credit them for their greatness.
Note* The oil in the pan needs to be incredibly hot so leave the pan in their for 10 minutes. When you're ready to put your batter in, take the tray out as quick as you can and pour the batter in immediately - it should sizzle when the batter hits the pan.

Makes 12 small, 6 medium, or 2 large


115g plain flour
1 heaped tsp gram flour
Pinch salt
1/2 pint soy or other plant milk
12 tsp worth vegetable oil

You will need a 12 cup baking pan
Preheat oven to gas 8/ 220c

Put 1 tsp of oil into each cup of your baking pan and place into hot oven.
Mix together the flours and salt, then gradually add the soy milk, mixing until frothy.
Remove the hot baking pan from the oven and fill each cup almost to the top with the mixture.
Put the pan back in the oven as quickly as you can (but don't burn yourself)
Bake for 20-25 minutes, DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN UNTIL THEN!
Remove from oven when golden and crispy on the edges and leave to cool for a few minutes. Place pudding on kitchen towel to drain off excess oil and serve.

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